Phosphor Touch Time Watch Review

You may know Phosphor as the brand responsible for numerous digital watches made with highly legible curved E-Ink displays with eye-catching punchy contrast, and large bold numbers. But Phosphor's latest watch release doesn't come with an E-Ink display. Instead of a paper-like ink display, Phosphor's new Touch Time watch utilizes a low-power always-on touch screen display that is so energy efficient it is powered using a regular ubiquitous coin-cell battery that can last a whole year without ever having to charge the device like a conventional wearable. And much like a Pebble smartwatch, the Touch Time is Phosphor's first touch-sensitive watch to integrate smartphone-esque apps and customizable watch faces. Sounds interesting, but is it as good as the Pebble at $159? Needless to say, we have put the Touch Time through its paces to find out if it's worth the asking price. So be sure to catch our full review down below!

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