Spigen Saturn, Tough Armor Champagne Gold iPhone 5s Cases Review


Got that gold fever that's been spreading around? If you're looking for an instant cure of fancyness, Spigen has you covered with its new Champagne Gold collection of cases that are unquestionably the gold iPhone 5s' best hope for a matching protective case. Spigen has sent us the Saturn and Tough Armor cases dabbled in a fresh coat of gold finish to have a look at up close and personal, so hop your way past the barrier to find out what we think.


The Saturn and Tough Armor cases are amongst a number of refreshed color schemes that bare Spigen's new champagne gold hue which has been carefully designed to match to the subtle golden color of the iPhone 5s - and those include the dual-layered Neo Hybrid case, Slim Armor S, Neo Hybrid EX Slim bumper case, Ultra Fit and Ultra Thin Air A thin snap-on cases. But of course they still look good on the silver and black iPhones too. Believe it or not, every one of these cases are on our recommended list. It's tough not to like a Spigen-made case, and this company really gets it right when it comes down to making polished protective cases that aren't cumbersome to use and are priced favorably.


Back on topic, the Champagne Gold Saturn and Tough Armor cases are no different that the ones that came before them, except of course for that fresh coat of gold. And since we have already reviewed the Saturn case and gave the Tough Armor our highest seal of approval in the form of an Editors' Choice Award, we'll weigh in on that gold finish a little more.


Note that we couldn't directly compare the two cases with an actual gold iPhone 5s, but from our hands-on experience with the gold iPhone 5s, it looks like the Saturn case is the least color-accurate of the bunch. While it perhaps has the most realistic look of them all due to the fact that the back of the case features a two-tone color scheme of smooth satin-finished white plastic along with an anodized brushed aluminum back plate which is smooth to the touch and seamlessly combined into the polycarbonate casing. But the gold is a lot more yellow here than it is on the actual gold iPhone itself.

Nonetheless, the Saturn is still one of the more complementing slim cases we've come across, and it's a well made case to boot with diamond-cut chamfered side edges. If you want a case that fits so well with your iPhone that it feels like its an extension of it, the Saturn is one of those slim cases that hits the spot just right. But it comes at a price, and that's minimal protection. The Saturn case sells for $27 directly from Spigen's website, but on Amazon it only costs $15. Other colors are also available like white with a silver brushed aluminum.


The Champagne Gold colored Tough Armor on the other hand does have a different type of finish entirely. Unlike the black Tough Armor we've reviewed earlier, the Champagne Gold finish on the hard polycarbonate doesn't have the same soft-touch rubberized coating on it that helps provide grip. Instead, the finish is a subtle metallic that's satin but also slick to the touch. There's still enough grip offered by the black TPU parts around the case, however, if you really want the best possible grip, go with the all-black or white Tough Armor variants. The Tough Armor is our go-to case for extreme drop protection when bulky tough cases aren't an option. After all it is the Otterbox Defender assassinator. It'll run you $30, and it's also available in black, silver, white and slate colors.


Tough Armor case


Saturn case