Spigen Saturn iPhone 5 Case Review

Spigen SGP is well known around these parts to produce some top quality cases and accessories. So it is not surprising to see Spigen come out with new cases every few months. We recently took a look at the Ultra Flip and Slim Armor cases and both were two cases that we recommended to our viewers. This week we are taking a look at their newly designed case, the Saturn. This snap on style case consists of polycarbonate and aluminum material in a superior slim profile. Hit the jump to check out pics of the case and see if this falls in line with all the other well-crafted Spigen accessories.

Like most of the Spigen cases, there is usually always something hidden inside the packaging. Nothing spectacular, but it is still a nice gesture. No screen protectors given with the Saturn case, but we do get the same jelly home buttons that come with most of their cases these days. I’m personally a big fan of the authenticate card that comes with all Spigen products. It gives me the good sense not worrying about purchasing knock off products online and that my friends is taking quality to another level. The Saturn case comes in 3 colors, Satin Silver, Metal Slate, and Metal Red from the start, but Spigen is known to release more colors as time goes by. Blue and Gold aluminum cases would be a nice touch.

So what’s the difference between the Saturn case and the Ultra Thin Air? Hmm let me think for a sec...not much. Besides the added aluminum backing and cleaner looking embossed logo on the side, there isn’t much change to the polycarbonate design. This is not a bad thing whatsoever. The Ultra Thin Air was and is one of the best thin snap on style cases you can purchase for your iPhone 5. The Saturn also looks a lot like if not identical to the S5 Outfit Matrix case by Elago. We're not entirely sure who copied who though. It is however, currently being offered and many different colors as oppose to the Saturn.

The Saturn case gave me that wow feeling when I first received it to test out. I felt like this would definitely be something I can rock all day and night. And I don’t have to worry about the white discoloring after 18 hours? Perfect. As you can see the phone keeps a slim profile from top to bottom. The case snaps effortlessly onto the phone and there were no signs of scuff marks on the iPhone after a few times taking the case off. In fact I’ve had my phone since launch and haven’t had any case scratch my phone, which is more than I can say for the 4/4S iPhones. The Saturn case doesn't alter the original look or feel of the iPhone. That is one of the main reasons why I was super excited to use this case. Not too many cases out there that match the beauty of the white iPhone. The case felt great in the hand and never gave me that slippery, uncomfortable feeling. 

The left side of the case features a dual set of cutouts rather than one simple cutout. Having separate cutouts makes for an unpleasant experience when it comes to using the volume buttons. The buttons felt way too cramped when trying to adjust the volume in the gym. They were also too problematic to press when using as a shutter for photo taking. I would of rather seen Spigen use the one cutout method like the Incipio Feather to make for a more pleasant user experience.

The main attraction of the Saturn case is the diamond cutting aluminum back panel and it makes the case just gleam and pop. The attention to detail here is just stellar. Some days I don’t want to use the case because I get asked about the case way too often. The back panel didn’t pick up fingerprints that often and also didn’t see any signs of scuffing up the aluminum. However, the anodized metallic coating would probably shown signs of wear if your an animal with your cases. This style of case though is marketed towards the clean cut, trendy individual and not the tile laying, framing carpenter.

This might be a personal preference, but this style of camera cutout is simply unrivaled. The pill shape style cutout is the way to go for iPhone 5 cases because there is no need to see the aluminum part of the phone. More streamlined and it makes other cases look plain. It honestly makes me feel manufacturers skipped that day of work during the design process.

It is also worth mentioning the Saturn branding is very subtle in the bottom corner of the case. It's not too big and the embossed Spigen logo is hardly noticed on the side of the case. It's not much, but one of the many satisfying touches to the case.

Like all snap style cases, the Saturn case will have no problems with any 3rd party headphones your using plus the Lightning Connector and Lightning-to-30 adaptors are both compatible. I've been using the Bodyguardz Pure for awhile now (because it's awesome) and the case sits flush with the tempered glass. You will have a very small lay on table design if your going with no screen protection. As you can see the Spigen aluminum home button I'm using complements the design remarkably and makes for a great combo.

If your like me, you love the stunning design of the white iPhone 5, but you also know it’s very baffling to find a decent white case to match the look. Well Spigen has absolutely nailed this case out of the park. The price is right at $26.99 and you craftsmanship at its finest, plus the company offers free standard shipping with any purchase. The Saturn case keeps a slim profile, feels great in the hand, and matches the white iPhone design to perfection. I would imagine both the red and metal slate colors look exceptional and match the black iPhone as well. If your in the market for a quality snap-on style case with the right design, look no further.