Quirky PowerCurl MacBook Cord Wrap Review


So you are always on the go, and you have your MacBook/Pro/Air with you everywhere. Chances are you have your powercord with you as well to make sure you have enough juice for the day. If you are like me, your powercord becomes a tangled mess in your messenger and it's enough to pull your hair out. The Quirky PowerCurl becomes a solution to that very problem, neatly organizing your powercord whether you are on the go or lounging at home. There were many backers to this Quirky project - check out why after the break!

Quirky's slogan involves "A Socially Developed Product" which essentially allows inventors to submit their ideas to the their website to be presented to a community of voters. These voters determine if that product fits a need and if so, the product goes forward into development. Quirky allows ideas from the average joe to come into reality, and the PowerCurl is a product of the Quirky process.


The Quirky PowerCurl comes boxed in a nice cardboard box that tells you "MIND YOUR MACBOOK CABLES". The package contains the names of all the backers of the project as well as a picture of the inventor Jeff Scholen. Inside the box, you will find the PowerCurl itself as well as a plastic clip for you to clip the thicker side of your power adapter to itself like the one that is already on the magsafe end.


The PowerCurl is made of a strong silicone type plastic that is very firm and sturdy. It is not completely hard plastic, as it still has some flexibility on the ends. The PowerCurl is square in shape with a space in the center for the adapter to sit, and channels for the cords to feed into to wrapping channels. I got the 45W version, and my adapter block fit very snugly into the center space. Once inserted into the PowerCurl, the cords wrap easily around the block. 


There are two channels in the PowerCurl, one for the thinner part of your power cable and one for the thicker part. Quirky had made improvements on the original design and separating the wrap of the different cables makes decreased tangled and frustrations. With use I found that the PowerCurl did exactly what I hoped it to do - organize my cables in a nice neat form factor for me to throw into my messenger unhindered and undisturbed by whatever else is floating around in there. I was surprised at the size of the PowerCurl however...it is quite a bit larger than the adapter itself. This is probably owing to the fact that you are wrapping up that larger cable. The PowerCurl houses the wrapped up cable completely, and the provided clip allows you to attach the larger cable to itself for storage.


All in all I like this item. It is a solid cord management system if you are constantly on the go and dislike having your cables flopping about in your bag. The added plus to this PowerCurl is that it elevates your adapter ever so slightly off the ground, thus protecting it from scratches and allows for some ventilation when your adapter is warm and working. A nice plus. I can't give this one the full 5 stars though, as it does make the footprint of the adapter quite a bit larger. The adapter loose and coiled in your bag/messenger will be much smaller without the PowerCurl. Still, a nice idea, and I can see why this had a lot of support. At just around $15 from various etailers about the net...this is a great accessory for any portable mac user.