JAYS a-Jays Four In-Ears Review

After a long wait and anticipation, the a-Jays Four by JAYS are finally here and they are not alone. The a-Jays Four are the fourth addition to the a-Jays line of in-ears that are designed to match the iPhone 4's industrial design and feature a full-feature inline three-button remote. I reviewed the a-Jays Three a while back and loved them so I had really high expectations for the fourth installment from JAYS. Catch the full review including a comparison between the a-Jays Three and Four right after the break.

What's the difference between the these two models? There are big differences on the outside between the a-Jays Four and the a-Jays Three but not a whole lot in the sound quality. In fact, there is an unnoticeable difference in the sound in the new a-Jays Four. That doesn't mean JAYS has plans to improve the sound quality in the Four model, however it would have been a nice little surprise. Both the a-Jays Four and Three sound amazing especially at their price tag which is, in my opinion, underpriced. It's not every day that I can say this about a product so I'm really excited about how JAYS can produce such great sounding and looking pairs of in-ears for under $100. 

The key differences between the a-Jays Four and Three are that the a-Jays Four now include a full-feature three-button remote, a new L shaped 3.5mm plug and metal looking back accents behind each ear bud whereas the a-Jays Three have a shiny black plastic accents. JAYS built the a-Jays Four so well that I cannot know for sure if the metal looking accents found on the housings and the remote are truly made from metal or plastic. They feel and look just like anodized aluminum but I cannot say for sure. 

JAYS wanted to create the perfect matching set of in-ears to go along with the iPhone 4. I think they did just that. The remote has the sleek and modern look that compliments the iPhone 4 in every way possible. Not only does this remote look stunning and nothing like I've ever seen before, it function together with the iPhone 4 like harmony. I won't get into all the button clicking features because there are just too many to list though you can find all the button actions here. The mic that's inside the remote is hands down the best performing mic I came across in headsets. Your voice is crystal clear and detailed while talking and recording. The mic does pick up your sound in a 360 degree angle so you're heard each time no matter what. Background noise is picked up a little too since there is no active noise cancellation. 

Like all the a-Jays, the a-Jays Four have a flat tangle-free cable with an L shaped 3.5mm plug that has a low profile and feels very rigid. I love the quality that was invested in the a-Jays Four and it seems that every little detail was done right and it shows. The a-Jays Four keep a very low profile once they are inserted in your ears and you can rest your head on a pillow to enjoy your music without discomfort. I had no issues what so ever with the remote acting is a heavy weight and tugging on my right ear. I couldn't even notice the remote's weight while wearing the a-Jays Four and not once did they fall out of my ear. Using the right ear tip is key of course so I recommend trying them all to get the perfect fit.

If you find yourself still having trouble with the fit, I would recommend using some Comply foam tips. Even while the stock silicone ear tips the come with the a-Jays Four block a great deal of background noise, foam tips should also block a lot more background noise.

So how do the a-Jays Four sound? Like I've said before they have the same exact sound signature as the a-Jays Three. They have a well balanced warm sound with very good bass response. The highs are silky smooth and clear while the mids are detailed and allow you to distinguish between each instrument. I found that burning in the a-Jays Four sharpened the sound and improved the bass slightly. Without a doubt the a-Jays Four are the best sounding pair of headsets you can get for your iPhone 4. These will also work with the iPad and MacBooks. You can also use the a-Jays Four as a headset with Skype, iChat and the Voice Memos app.

The a-Jays Four are essentially a better looking pair of a-Jays Three with a fantastic remote and mic. I love everything about the new a-Jays Four and would highly recommend them. Price $69.99.