Grove Bamboo Skin for iPad 2 Review

Grove makes one of the most beautiful things out of environmentally friendly bamboo for iPhones, iPads and even MacBooks. Every product is hand made in Oregon with the help of CNC machines and laser engraving. We're going to take a look at Grove's artistically designed and laser engraved bamboo skin for the iPad 2, so jump past the break for the full review!

There isn't much that goes to installing this piece of bamboo skin on the back of the iPad 2. Because it's a rather stiff skin, it's easier than ever to quickly and effortlessly install on the iPad 2's flat back surface. Like all good skins, Grove uses 3M adhesive that doesn't leave any of that sticky residue when it's time to take it off to welcome that iPad 3 in the near future. There are simple to follow instructions in case you need some help getting it on. I recommend laying your iPad 2 on a soft cloth so not to scratch your screen while installing the skin.

Obviously this isn't the most protective skin there is, but it does offer a base to protect the entire flat side of the iPad 2 when placed on a table. Being made out of real bamboo, this skin is only .035" thick yet it will not fit inside cases. However, it is fully compatible with the Smart Cover. Not everyone will like the partially back coverage the Grove bamboo skin offers, and it really comes to personally taste. I don't particularly find this to be the most practical forms of protection nor customization. On another note, Grove has done a fantastic job smoothly cutting this skin to perfection with amazing, detailed laser engraved artwork. The finish is smooth to the touch and treated with a coating of oil to keep it looking good.

There are quite a few laser engraved designed to choose from. Or you can simply go with a plain bamboo look. Grove's plain bamboo iPad 2 skin will run you $19.

You don't have to be mad about bamboo to appreciate the craftsmanship in Grove's bamboo skins. Unlike the more conventional vinyl skins we've been using for years like GelaSkins, Grove's bamboo skins actually have a feeling to them. They're real, add a touch of uniqueness and a whole lot of extra grip. If you love your bamboo, Grove will definitely put a smile on your face.

Update: After trying to remove the skin, numerous residues were left all over with broken bamboo shreds. Large pieces of the skin are nearly impossible to remove because of the strong adhesive and weak bamboo. We highly recommend to stay away from all of Grove's skins unless you want to ruin your device.