Clear-Coat Macbook Pro 15" Scratch Protection Review

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Scratches, scuffs, wear and tear. Everyone hates seeing their prized Macbook Pro or iPhone 4 covered in them. You may have bought a snap-on case or just have to deal without any protection. Problem with cases is all the extra bulk that is added to the gadget. If you are still looking to add as much or even more protection than a case, with little to virtually no bulk whatsoever, Clear-Coat skin is for you. Clear-Coat is easy wet install with support for any device out there including Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Kindle, iPad, and iPhone 4. If you can install a screen shield you can install Clear-Coat just as easy if not easier. Check out the full review after the break!

Today we will be checking out the Clear-Coat Macbook Pro 15" full-body protection. The full body protection comes in 5 pieces, top, bottom, edge, trackpad, and palm rest, but if your only looking for trackpad and palm rest that is also available. Now you may be thinking this looks a lot like ZAGG Invisible Shield, which in essence both have the same idea and install but they are slightly different.

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The clear-coat installation is just like any other installation of a screen shield except that it is wet. When I was installing the first piece, top part, I ran into difficulties just because it was my first time doing this on such a large object. You start off by spraying your fingers down, peel off the top piece, spray it down with Clear-Coat's included spray and then align perfectly with the edge and go to town with that squeegee. The part I had problems with was getting it to align perfectly with the top, I would get one side perfectly lined up and start with the other side but it would be off centered so I ended up ripping all of it up and trying it over again. That’s the good thing about wet installation is that you can move it around when aligning it.

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I did notice one big thing as soon as I started installation, THE MATERIAL DOESN'T STRETCH! That is probably one of the biggest differences between Clear Coat and ZAGG, and I support Clear Coat 100% with this decision. I have installed ZAGG on other devices and always noticed ZAGG stretching and in the end messing everything up. Other great thing about Clear Coat is the glossy finish instead of a matte sticky finish but the glossy does not attract finger prints.

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After you get the parts all lined up perfectly, you'll notice that there is no extra length at all. Every single part seemed to be quality cut, with no extra tid bits, and no fraying edges. The bottom was one of the more fun installations because of the feet and all the little screws. I thought it was going to be a big issue removing all the little screw ports and feet ports but all I had to do was just peel off the bottom and all of them where already cut out and stayed on the original sheet. I was happy I didn't have to go through and peel out each single little one.

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After I got everything fully installed I waited the 3-4 hours for everything to dry and used it for a couple of days. I did like the extra protection it gave me but Clear-Coat just wasn't for me. It did provide amazing scratch protection and I highly recommend it over ZAGG. I did actually remove mine shortly after taking pictures of it just because it wasn't for me, but it did not leave any residue at all on my MBP, came off very easily and clean.

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If you are looking for something easier to install, cheaper but way better quality then ZAGG, and looking for maximum full-body protection the Clear Coat is for you. Best part is if you are having problems installing it yourself you can take it to your local mall and find a Clear Coat booth and have them install it for you with no extra charge. You can pick up the Clear Coat for numerous amounts of devices from Clear Coat themselves or some select products off Amazon. The MacBook Pro 15" Full Body protection is available for $49.99 and the touchpad+palm rest for $24.99 both with a lifetime guarantee.

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