Muc-Off Rescue Kit Device & Screen Cleaner

We face dirty screens full of fingerprints and smudges everyday. Most of us have touch screen devices, external displays and laptops and all of these devices need cleaning once in a while right? For years I've been using iKlear as my primary cleaning solution for all my devices and it's one of the best cleaning product out there. Muc-Off is well known for their cleaning products made for motorbikes and with their Tech Care Series, we can all enjoy Muc-Off. The Rescue Kit is one of Muc-Off's compact cleaning solutions for tech devices. Check out the full review after the break.

I've been waiting for another good cleaner worthy of my expensive devices for some time now. While iKlear gets the job done, it's very expensive. Believe it or not but the Rescue Kit costs only €4.99, $3.45 on Amazon right now. What you get with the Rescue Kit is enough to last you a well over a month if not more with everyday use. With the Muc-Off Rescue Kit included is a small compact screen cleaner spray which is also bio-degradable and alchohol-free, and a very large microfiber cleaning cloth. Now this is a huge piece of cloth good for big 24" external display when folded out. I love this kind of microfiber cloth because it doesn't shed any fibers and it has a smooth seude texture to it.

Having a big microfiber cloth to work with is very convenient for many devices including large screens. You can fold it up to easily clean an iPhone 4 full of fingerprints. I was a little frightened that the liquid inside the Screen Cleaner bottle was actually colored blue, however it turns out it's actually clear and the bottle is blue. So no need to worry about dyeing your device blue. 

So how well does the Muc-Off cleaner work on very dirty, full fledged fingerprinted and smudged out screen? My iPad was in real need of some heavy duty cleaning after a full week without one single wipe. Just look at how dirty that screen is. It's pretty awful, I know. Let's see how it looks like after using the Muc-Off Rescue Kit.

Now that is one shiny looking iPad screen. After one spray of the Screen Cleaner on the microfiber cloth and a few wipes, my iPad's screen was back to its shiny, spot-less new self. The Muc-Off Screen Cleaner also leaves your screen germ-free killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Beautiful how well the Muc-Off Rescue Kit works. I cannot recommend Muc-Off enough after using the Rescue Kit. iKlear isn't the best screen cleaner out there any longer in my book. Price €4.99. Check Amazon for current pricing.