Bluelounge Kicks Rubber Pads for iPad 2 Review

We like anything that Bluelounge has put out so far including the most recently released Nest stand for the iPad. This time we've got our hands on Bluelounge's latest and greatest accessory made not only for the iPad 2 it seems, but also for just about any other similarly sized tablet out there including that glossy TouchPad most of you have purchased on the cheap to use as a fancy coffee coaster, or not. Am I the only one? Enough of that though, we're here to show you the brand new Kicks. The Kicks are quite simply rubber rails you stick on the back of your iPad 2, or tablet, to add a form of protection. Bluelounge is all about modern accessories that are affordable and get the job done. The Kicks are yet another promising tablet add-on you just might actually have the need for. Catch the full review after the break!

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