Spigen SGP Kuel F60Q Backup Battery Pack Charger Review

Finding the right backup battery pack to keep your gadgets running can be a tiring search. With so many options to choose from, choosing the right pack all comes down to price and performance. It doesn't matter how good it looks because all you should care about is what's on the inside. Formally known as SGP, Spigen SGP's first battery pack offering is the Kuel F60Q, generously equipped with 6,000mAh of battery goodness. We love Spigen SGP's wide array of cases, but can the Kuel F60Q prove itself to be a valuable accessory you'll want to have in your gear bag?

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Just Mobile Gum Max Battery Pack for iPad 2 Review

We love Just Mobile as much as we fancy all-things aluminum, and both make a great team to bring us some of the most useful accessories iDevice users can ever wish for. Just Mobile's Gum Plus was a cute little battery pack with a decent amount of juice packed into it to triple the lifespan of your iPhone but not nearly enough to bring an iPad to its maximum self. At last, we've got something that promises to fully charge an iPad or iPad 2 and still have enough power to keep on charging. Just Mobile's answer is the Gum Max. A supercharged, hyped-up battery pack with - close your eyes for this, 10,400mAh of sheer power waiting to be let lose on your iPad.

As always we're going to be the judge of that, so jump past the break for the full review!

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