id America Spark In-Ear Headphones Review

Protective case makers have very little to do with audio for the right reasons, but that doesn't seem to stop Incase, Incipio and many others from creating their own line of audio gear to offer consumers. The trend has now infected id America. Rocking a case from your favorite case maker isn't enough these days, you gotta pair a matching set of cans, preferably the kind with headset functions to fully enjoy your smartphone. Well in that case, id America has recently come up with the Spark in-ear headphones. With the resounding resemblance of a spark plug, the Spark go hand in hand with the company's Gasket iPhone case respectively. 

But in fact we were surprised in the past testing out various case companies' audio gear. Should these in-ears spark your interest? Catch the full review after the jump to find out!

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