AKG K391 NC In-Ear Headphones Review

AKG K391 NC In-Ear Headphones Review

Up until this point, noise-canceling headphones were all a bunch of poorly designed pieces of cheap plastics costing a lot more that you've bargained for. Recent outings namely from Harman Kardon, changed all that with an attentive touch for good design. AKG is known to make great sounding gear, and if you don't plan on purchasing the company's $1,300 set of technologically advanced K3003 in-ear headphones, then how about their second most expensive set at $200. It comes as no surprise that AKG, now a Harman owned Austrian audio brand, released arguably one of the best looking active noise-canceling in-ear headphones in their class. The K391 NC are in-ear headphones with active noise-cancellation out to recreate studio quality sound with the serenity of unwanted ambient noise inside your ears. Join us after the break as we take a deeper look at AKG's K391 NC!

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AKG K450 Portable Headphones

The new K450 headphones from AKG are ultra portable well designed and best used for travel. Sound - the K450 have a warm and clear overall sound, the non “bass head” bass sounds great not overpowering at all, very clear and detailed suitable for every music genre. The K450 produce clear detailed highs and lows for your ears to enjoy, you will be happy listening to your full music library with these (K450 do benefit from “Burn-in” time). The K450 are open air and do not isolate any outside noise so keep that in mind when looking for your next new headphones. The built quality is absolutely outstanding, first of all it’s very important for portable headphones to be well made and AKG did a fantastic job on the K450 making them very sturdy and from high quality plastic, they are foldable and get very compact. Comfort can be an issue if your planning on wearing these for long periods of time, you will find your ears start to hurt from the clamping after a few hours however they are very comfortable at first, the headband  has a leather-like padding on the bottom to cushion your head.

The K450 have a nice matte (no rubber coating) non glossy finish so they don’t attract any fingerprints. They come with 2 sets of audio cables that are also replaceable and connect to only one side of the headphones for extra comfort and portability, the wire is very light and short for outside use. Also included is a 2.5mm jack adapter for extra device compatibility and a very high quality and thought out hard shell carry case to store your K450’s if you’d like.  Price $149.95.


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