SwitchEasy Bonds iPhone 5 Case Review

A new kind of case has emerged from the creative minds at SwitchEasy called the Bonds. This is a case for the iPhone 5 that is so seductive, it should be X rated. The Bonds case pays homage to SwitchEasy's long-standing CapsuleRebel series of cases in that it features a dual-frame, bold design that's a bit understated from afar. For the first time, SwitchEasy decided to incorporate the likes of both metal and plastic into the Bonds to create a visually stunning and very protective iPhone 5 case. Our full review awaits you under the cover of code and desire, but mostly code.

Keeping up with SwitchEasy's unique stream of designs, the Bonds case features an original style of chic bondage and mature elegance. The alluring design resembles the crisscrossing ties on a corset or however you wish to perceive it. The Bonds styling definitely caters to the female crowed. SwitchEasy's Bonds case comes in 5 sophisticated colors for $30.

It's very interesting to see a company that for years perfected its plastic moulded cases, make the move into incorporating the strength, premium look and feel aspect of metal in its latest iPhone cases. As you may already know, the Bonds is made with two types of materials. The first is a thick layer of a TPU case which feels a lot like the consistency of good quality rubber as opposed to the run-of-the-mill thermo plastic used in many cases. On top of that is where the star of the show comes into place, the metal frame.

Unlike the plastic frames SwitchEasy has used in its CapsuleRebel cases, the Bonds' metal frame has more of a weighty and rigidity quality to it that snaps into the grooves in the rest of the case for from the Bonds' unique design and finish. The frame seamlessly integrates into the rest of the case as expected. It isn't clear why SwitchEasy chose such a robust type of metal instead of going with a more lighter type such as aluminum.

Installing the iPhone into the Bonds is more simple than you think. Instead of having to detach the metal clip all together, simply insert your iPhone into the case like a snap-on style case. Removing the iPhone can be done just as easily in the same way.

The little details you come to expect from SwitchEasy like port dust covers and precision dotted speaker and mic grilles are all here. The Bonds includes a set of front and rear clear screen protectors and extra port covers that match seamlessly with the design and the corresponding color of each case. The port openings for the headphones will only fit very slim 3.5mm plugs such as Apple's EarPods.

Looking at the Bonds from the side is where you get the notion of how slim yet non-wasteful the solid design really is. Although there's plenty of thick rubber here, you hardly notice it with the all of the refined edges and curves. There are X shaped volume buttons which are easy to press, while the top sleep/wake button is simply an oval shaped button.

The design goes beyond the X rated metal frame styling. Looking close, or rather running your finger across the back side will tell you that the surface isn't actually basic and flat. The Bonds has a very subtle curving body that makes it seem like it's tightly squeezed by the clipped-on metal frame.

Speaking of finish, the Bonds features both matte and shiny textures along the case. The lacquered-finished metal and its rounded finished edges provide the high level of smooth, finished shininess which reflects light at different angles and gives the case its "OooOOoo" factor, while the rest of the TPU case has a rubbery matte surface that's both very grippy and smooth to the touch. The two materials really give the Bonds a comfortable, tactile feel when holding it in the hand. You'll notice the subtle qualities like the well rounded corners and edges of the case and the extreme amounts of refinement all throughout. This is the sort of slim case that won't sink my heart when I accidentally drop my iPhone.

The Bonds has very minimal front rimmed edging that surrounds the iPhone 5's display and provides a very low-profile and unobtrusive protection, which plays nicely with all glass screen protectors. It's worth mentioning that the only negative I've found is that the Bonds case has a significant heft to it with its thick rubber and metal crisscross frame compared to other SwitchEasy cases for the iPhone 5. With that said, the case does make up for it in that it's super solidly constructed with a composite feeling body that has no give to it or flimsy properties once it encases the iPhone 5.

SwtichEasy never disappoints us. If you're looking to get a very protective case for your iPhone 5 and think the Bonds has the right set of styling that suits yours, then we can highly recommend picking one or even two up. The Bonds is one of the top best iPhone 5 cases to offer both solid all-around protection with an incredibly comfortable to grab, understated stylish design at a good price.


Nir Schneider