Spigen SGP Glas t iPhone 4S Glass Screen Protector Review

While you get all excited about the screen protector you got with a case you just purchased, a new generation of screen protectors are finally here. Spigen SGP has long been in the screen protector business and has managed to stir quite a reputation amongst iPhone users. The next generation of screen protection is called Glas t. That's right, it's a screen protection unlike any other because this one is made out of tempered glass. Catch all this glass on glass action after the break! We can assure you that no glass was harmed during the making of this review.

If you aren't an iPhone users and happen to own the next best thing, the Samsung Galaxy S2, then you're in luck because you too can join the screen protector revolution with the Glas for the 4.3-inch behemoth. Since the Glas t isn't your ordinary plastic screen protector, it's one of the most expensive investments you'll potentially be making to protect your glass screen with more glass at $27.99. Well, it's small price to pay when you find out how incredible it really is. But more on that later on. So inside the attractive packaging, the Glas t comes with everything but the kitchen sink. Included is a rubbery squeegee, cleaning cloth and an alcohol swab.

A surprising surprise Spigen SGP included in the kit is a set of six colorful home button covers in a glossy, jellybean-like form. While these would be a perfect addition of customization and fun times, the home buttons covers actually serve a clever purpose which we will find out further on. We're going deep on details people.

Just like any other screen protector, the Glas t comes with easy to understand instructions to help you perfectly install it on your iPhone. Being that this is not just any other screen protector, the method of installing it is a bit different. You get one shot at aligning the Glas t on top of your iPhone's screen because once the Glas t comes in contact with the screen surface, the special silicone adhesive works its magic and instantly begins spreading suction across the surface inwards out. This creates a flawless, air pocket/bubble free application and all you really have to do at this point is set back and enjoy the show. It literally installs itself. And if you did a good job at making sure no lint or dirt was left on your screen before the process, you should end up with a flawless installation unlike most screen protectors that rely both your your skills of removing air bubbles as well as the method of application. The stiffness of the glass makes it easier to handle and apply than flimsy screen protectors. I haven't had to use the included squeegee.

With the Glas t, you don't need to ever worry about air bubbles or none of the nonsense if your screen is squeaky clean. And if you do get it wrong the first time, it isn't recommended that you try again. For that reason, it would have been wonderful if two Glas t protectors were included. The best possible way of making sure you perfectly align the Glas t the first time is to carefully bring it down while looking from above making sure that the home button and earpiece cutouts are aligned.

This is it. You can finally stop searching for that perfect screen protector because this, this is the most amazing screen protector ever made. The Glas t is by far, the world's best glass screen protector there is. Ever. Yes I said it. For years I've used various screen protectors, so many that if you put one after the other you'd reach the other side of the world. A bit of an exaggeration here, but you get the gist.

This isn't just any glass screen protector. The Glas t is a chemically treated tempered glass that has the same oleophobic coating as your iPhone's screen which really helps you easily clean fingerprints and smudges easily. Also meaning that it won't scratch very easily. I've tried scratching it with sharp objects and it came out unscathed. Doing the same to a plastic screen protector and you get nasty scuffs and scratches on the spot. The Glas t is thin enough at 0.4mm so that you won't notice a significant difference once applied. While using my iPhone for days, I completely forgot I had applied a glass screen protector on the screen. It really is that good.

So why should you use a glass screen protector? Well only because it's the best thing to having no protection at all. You'll be feeling the smoothness of glass with your finger tips as Apple intended. No more rainbow effects and clarity issues, the Glas t is like having no screen protector at all. There's absolutely no touch sensitivity or clarity degradation. Although everything seems to be perfect, the Glas t does have a more thicker form factor than any other screen protector. With that comes a bit of a raised edge which is more noticeable when pressing the home button. For that exact reason, the included home button covers have a convex surface which makes pressing the home button a lot more easier and without having to feel any of the recessed difference.

The Glas t feels very high quality and cut to perfection. And while it would seem a little crazy protecting glass with glass, the Glas t will do a good job keeping your screen in flawless condition while retaining the same exact responsiveness, clarity and feel good glassyness you could have only gotten using your iPhone without protection.

This brings me to another point. The Glas t is picky when it comes to protective cases and will only properly fit those of which that don't overlay onto the iPhone's glass screen. Aluminum bumpers like the Vapor Comp and others which only surround the iPhone's metal antenna bezel will fine just fine. Slider style cases like the SwitchEasy Melt and so on, will lift up the Glas t. Cases like the SwitchEasy CapsuleRebelX will fit just fine. As for snug sleeve cases like the CalypsoCase, the Glas t will fit without a hitch.

In conclusion, Spigen SGP has done a remarkable job in redefining screen protection with the Glas t glass screen protector. You have to be mad to be using a regular screen protector with such a brilliant piece of glass. It's everything you could wish for in a perfect screen protector. With that said, there are some small setbacks that might not suit everyone's needs due to incompatibility with certain types of cases. And then there's the price. All of which are instantly forgotten once you try the Glas t for yourself. Once you go glass, you'll never want to use a plastic screen protector again.