Just Mobile HeadStand Review


Believe it or not, but headphone stands is a serious thing amongst audiophile. These platforms of headphone worship come in many shapes, sizes and materials as if headphones were smartphones in need of a flashy case. If you've got an expensive pair of cans lying around, you're just the type of person that would show a keen interest in such a stand. Like the premium look of aluminum? So do we, and we can't think of any other company that can make a headphone stand entirely out of aluminum none other than Just Mobile. These guys live, breath and some might even say snort this stuff 365. Just Mobile's HeadStand is a svelte aluminum stand designed to keep your headphones in the one designated spot they deserve. More after the break!


When you first get the HeadStand out of the box, it'll be in two parts which you'll need to put together. Don't fret though, Just Mobile made it incredibly easy to put the HeadStand up. However, you can scratch that if you don't have a screwdriver handy. There are two screws which you'll need to screw in that fit thru the screw opening around the bottom, where you'll be able to attach and scecure the long hanger neck to the HeadStand's round base. The entire bottom is covered with a rubbery surface too, but that goes without saying really.


The HeadStand is a must have audiophile accessory

After all is said and done, the HeadStand is one really well made headphone stand that's designed with an emphasis on elegance. We expect no less judging by the fact that the HeadStand is entirely made of solid aluminum with a dual-neck construction that looks and feels like some heavy duty industrial/commercial stand you could easily use on a showroom floor of some high-end headphone manufacturer. It's very stable and sturdy as one would naturally expect from a stand that its sole purpose is to sit atop of a desk, look good and butler your headphone/s. The HeadStand is certainly a more robust one than those famously used at Apple retail stores.

Solid construction check. Onto the HeadStand's shiny and the not-so shiny aluminum qualities. The texture finish on the HeadStand is a mixture of an Apple-inspired matte sand-blasted type of aluminum finish which is what Just Mobile uses on all of its accessories, while the rounded base details a brushed circular finish.


That big round base isn't there only to provide stability, but it's actually a clever feature we've yet to see implemented by other headphone stands. It serves as a cable tidy that'll store your headphone's long audio cable out of sight. The base is comprised out of two aluminum cylinder disks with an opening wide enough to fit most audio cables which wrap around the base until completely hidden and out of your way.

Unfortunately, thick audio cables of the coiled/springy variant will not fit into the HeadStand's cable tidy. And if you've got one of those headphones that fall into that category, well chances are that they're studio grade cans which most likely aren't mean for any fancy pants stands with integrated cable tidies, right?


Because headphones come in many different sizes, some with really wide headbands (AKG in particular), the HeadStand is designed to accommodate them all with its large flat hanger-type mount. On-ear or over-ear headphones, you name it, they'll fit right on. It doesn't get any more simple than hanging your headphones on a hanger now is it. The HeadStand is tall enough to allow you to hang your headphones "as is" without needing to contract the pre-set adjustment height you may already have set to the headband.


As much as the base of the HeadStand serves a useful purpose, it does take a fair bit of desk space. Something to keep in mind. Then again the base is designed to be large enough in order to accommodate lengthy audio cables and support many types of headphones. Also, I do feel like Just Mobile should have went to the extreme in rounding off that flat hanger area like the note worthy HPS-RS stand made by Woo Audio, instead of simply going the easy route. It wouldn't be an issue for most, but if you're picky about headphone stands, then the HeadStand's flat hanger could pose as a caveat. I do like the look of the hanger design as it is, however, I do fear that the oval shape of headbands might potentially pose a wear and tear issue when hung over the HeadStand's flat-edged hanger. Which is why designing a rounded hanger would better conform with the natural arc of headphones.


If you find yourself asking why would anyone need this accessory, the HeadStand isn't for you. But if you think your headphones are special enough to merit such a stand, then we gladly recommend and award the HeadStand with our Editors' Choice Award. The HeadStand is one of the better looking and designed headphone stands you'll come across for $50. And although that's a bit costly for a stand, if you value quality products you'd find Just Mobile's HeadStand to be an excellent solution for elegantly displaying and looking after your headphones in a tidy desk setup arrangement.