JisonCase Vintage Leather iPad mini Smart Cover Case Review

With the plethora of cases out there for the iPad mini, it can be hard to land on a high quality case that hits all the marks. JisonCase offers one of the most elegant and finely executed leather cases out there for the iPad and iPad mini. Is the Vintage Leather Smart Cover Case by JisonCase the ultimate in luxury cases out there for the iPad Mini? Stay tuned to find out.

The iPad Mini is a marvel - it's strengths are that it is thin, comfortable to hold, and light weight. The goal for case manufacturers should be that they maintain the strengths of the mini, while offering some protection and functionality. JisonCase has a line of cases out there for the iPad, and at the top of their line is the Vintage case. This case is made of high quality leather, form fitted to the iPad Mini and offers some additional functionality in the smart cover like front cover. If you dislike the vintage-e texture of this particular leather, JisonCase offers the same exact type of folio-style case for the iPad mini in a few different varieties including more vibrant colorways.

The case itself comes a nice frosted box with a leather tag, which allows you to see the quality of the case. Out of it's box, the Vintage case is made of soft supple leather. Real and incredibly beautiful leather. Looking closely at the quality of the case, the leather is is distressed a bit giving it the look of a worn leather book The corners of the case are tight and clean, no loose flaps, no loose stitching. At first I really liked the distressed leather look, but over time, I found that the leather became more and more distressed. The supple nature of the leather causes it to be very prone to wear unfortunately.

Despite the wear prone nature of the leather, you just can't deny that this is a luxury case. The feel of the leather, the look of the case go so well together that it is both subtle but eye catching. The inside of the case is lined with hide colored leather that is even softer to the touch.

The case is very very well made. The front smart cover portion is made of a hard material, backed with soft tan leather that hugs up nicely against the Mini's screen. The cover works as it should in waking and putting the iPad to sleep.

The folds of the cover allow for easy transformation into a stand which can be oritented into two positions much like Apple's own Smart Cover and Smart Case, including just about every other folio cover case of this kind. The iPad sits in the hard leather case that snaps into place.

It is form fitting and there are cut outs for the speakers, the mute/rotation switch, headphone jack, camera and microphone. You will find that the volume and sleep wake buttons are covered..it is still easy to press these without effort. 

I am a huge fan of this case. The fact that it is so form fitting, sleek, and incorporates this buttery leather, makes it a pleasure to use. The downsides? The downside to this case is also its strength. The leather will need to be babied a bit in order to stave off the distressed and worn look. The other downside is cost - at $97 it is not the cheapest case out there. However, you are truly paying for a quality product, and it is great that JisonCase put out such a well executed luxury case.