Booq Vyper M3 Hardshell Sleeve Review

With tons of different manufactures all pumping out hard shell sleeves, some looking the same, some looking different, and it is hard to choose which one is right for you. Booq, not many people have heard of create high quality hard shell sleeves, soft shell sleeves, laptop bags, iPad cases and many other products. The Vyper M3 is just one of the many hard shell sleeve's that Booq offers. They make sleeves for the 13", 15", 17" Macbook Pro's and Macbook Air. You can pick up the M3 for $49.95. Look past the break for full detailed review!


The Booq Vyper M3 is a strikingly simplistic sleeve with nothing flashy, and any tech enthusiast would love. There really isn't much difference between hard shell sleeve to another hard shell sleeve, they all do the same thing of protecting your hardware. I was looking for a new sleeve to travel to and from college with and had a hard time picking between Thule and Booq. The Thule looked nice, but was a tad bit too flashy for me, so I picked up the Booq Vyper M3. I also though that since Gadgetmac has seen very little Booq products that maybe this was a good product to get and use, and I sure was pleased.

The outside of the hard shell sleeve is 1682D cross-weave ballistic nylon, with 3 ridges and is also water resistant. Between the non-scratch lining inside and the cross-weave ballistic nylon on the outside, there is semi-rigid high density foam protecting your Macbook Pro. Even though this is a hard shell sleeve there is not a lot of protection on the outside corners.

The zipper is very high quality with two pull tabs and available to go in each direction. Even though it says that it is water resistant, the zipper is not covered in rubber like the Thule. I would suspect that maybe a tad bit of water could enter the sleeve if it the sleeve is getting directly drenched.

On the inside there is nice soft, micro suede like material, which is scratch resistant. There are no straps to add extra protection to keep your Macbook Pro in place, but the case is so snug that it shouldn't need any. There is no room at all for the machine to move around. I am worried about the zipper scratching the side of the Macbook Pro but there hasn't been an issue yet.

From what I think about the hard shell sleeve and my experience with it, it is a perfect replacement for someone that is looking to get a less flashy, industrial looking hard shell sleeve other than Thule's. It does provide very good protection for how light it is. You can pick up the Booq Vyper M3 for your 13", 15", 17" Macbook Pros.