Bluelounge Posto Headphone Stand Review


We had thought we reviewed the best headphone stand, which so far has been the Master & Dynamic Headphone Stand, but this might be even better. This is the Bluelounge Posto, it's the company's first take on making an accessory for headphones in the form of a minimalist and uber modern looking universal stand for on-ear and over-ear headphones that features a unique flexible headrest that self-adjusts to the arc of any headband that hangs on it. Our full review on the Posto is right around the corner!


The Posto is a bit unusually designed in that it actually comes in three different parts that connect together. Fortunately no tools are required. The bottom base, a squarish platform made out of plastic, attached to the long post which is thankfully made out solid aluminum. Finally the top piece is the flexible rubberized headrest that connector into the other end of the aluminum post, which remains flat when unused.


The parts fit together very tightly and are secure using friction-based connection points. We should note that once you assemble the Posto it isn't recommend that you take it apart and put it back together again - most likely due to the plastic friction joints which will lose their tight fit. Not that we find this to be concerning as this isn't designed to be traveled with of course. 

The plastic bits do feel a little cheap, and well...plasticky. But then again this is a cheap and affordable headphone stand. At $20, the Posto is really one of the better priced headphone stands out there that isn't poorly designed and does actually work better than anticipated. And we'll get into why that is shortly.


You can get the Posto in this all-black color option or in a arguably slightly cleaner looking, sterile white with a silver aluminum body. And no, you can't get it in white with a gold aluminum body to match your golden Apple products. Although I must agree that it would be a fantastic option to have.


I'm a huge fan of space saving desk accessories and the Posto is by far and away the most space-friendly headphone stand out there right after the Anchor mount from Elevation Lab, which essentially allows you to hang your headphones underneath your desk instead of displaying them. So if that's not your thing then the Posto is definitely a great option for your desk. Like any stand, the Posto will serve as a dedicated place to rest your headphones on when you aren't using them. It isn't impressively made or designed, but it serves its purpose well and it does so without taking up as much space as some other popular, and more expensive alternatives. And the fact that this $20 headphone stand isn't entirely made out of plastic is a plus.


You'll notice that the Posto is an extremely lightweight stand, it's actually the lightest headphone stand we've ever reviewed. And that is why Bluelounge designed it with a special adhesive bottom that firmly sticks to your desk to plant the Posto in place so that it actually feels like it's a weighty and sturdy stand rather than one that easily moves around. And it actually works great. You cannot knock the Posto out of place nor will it move when you're putting your headphones on it. The adhesive will not leave residue behind nor will it damage your surface as it uses nano suction cups that create a strong temporary bond on flat surfaces. And if you want to reposition the Posto, these adhesive foot pads can be cleaned with water to restore their stickiness enabling them to be reused over and over again.


The Posto's flexible rubber headrest means that it'll conform to the shape of the headphone's original headband and thus eliminating any uneven pressure/stress points that might damage or leave a an imprint in the padding and finish of the headband. So large and heavy over-the-ear headphones will feel right at home on this relatively compact desktop stand. And this is also why it can be so small instead of taking up a large area like other stands with a fixed arch headrest. It's also worth noting that the Posto's flexible headrest is wide enough to accommodate virtually all headphone types and their respective headbands.


It isn't quite as tall as the Master & Dynamic Headphone Stand, though it is slightly taller than the Just Mobile HeadStand. Nevertheless, the Posto is acceptably high in order for it to fit all sorts of adjusted headphones.


Using the Posto isn’t as convenient as others that have a hanger-type of a design such as the Elevation Lab Anchor, Elago H Stand, Just Mobile HeadStand, Luxa2 E-One and Master & Dynamic Headphone Stand. Headphones that clamp tightly together are more difficult to hang on the Posto due to its straight design and will require you to pull them apart using both hands when hanging them as well as when picking them up from the stand. And that's really the only negative thing about the Posto's design and funtionality. Then again not all headphones will have this small inconvenience when it comes to using a stand such as this.



The Bluelounge Posto is definitely the best looking, quality headphone stand you can get at this price. Make no mistake about it, the Posto is exactly would you would come to expect out of a $20 headphone stand. It's not impressively made and uses quite a bit of plasticky plastics in its construction, but it is a great stand thanks to its ingenious use of a non-damadging reusable adhesive base that gives it a solid stronghold atop of any desk along with a compact, svelte form factor that's mindful of your desk space. We can easily recommend the Posto to anyone looking for a budget utilitarian headphone stand.