IDAPT i4 Universal Charger Review

With so many gadgets, all requiring different cables/connectors from micro-USB, mini-USB, to Apple proprietary connectors and the list goes on and on. Don’t you just wish you didn’t half to dig through a wire mess just to find the perfect cable that fits? Well now you don’t half to search for that one cable to charge your iPhone, or Kindle, you can do it all with the IDapt i4 Universal Gadget Charger. The i4 cleans up your charging mess with 6 tips. If you want more information about the i4 get past the break for the full review!

The IDapt is an ultra-modern Universal Gadget Charger that is suitable to be placed anywhere and charge there device. The IDapt is defiantly a different design then I have seen before. Usually the universal chargers I have seen usually just have a mini-USB by default and you put a little adapter over it to get another kind of charging connection. IDapt has developed their own simple tips that are cross compatible with their other iX chargers. You can easily pop them in out with the two buttons on either side of the charging ports. They are directly connected via metal contacts on the bottom of each tip, to a circuit board below. I do not recommend sticking your finger in there when on.

The device has absolutely no problems charging 4 devices all at once. I had a kindle, blackberry, and my iPhone plugged in all charging at once. It has a DC Output up to 13 W and can handle AC Input worldwide, 84-240 VAC -0.2A. The nice thing about each having their own charging tip is the little LED light in front telling when each one is charging, and the power button for when no device is charging. There happens to not be a LED light for the USB port on the side which is a little disappointing but very awesome that they included a USB on the side for a 4th device, or larger device that can’t be on the tips.

At first I did think there was going to be problems with the tips breaking off with more and more I used the device. I was very wrong, this device was able to support a kindle standing straight up, fully charging with no snap, crackle or pop from it. They do say that the tips are reinforced and sure do not feel like it when putting a device on it, but if you try to wiggle the tip by hand there is absolutely no movement. They are all very sturdy even the included small Nokia 2 charger. 

This product definitely fixed the charging issue in my house hold. I am able to charge my iPhone, my Mothers, and my Fathers, and even an extra one if my friend needs a place to charge his phone. They have a lot more interchangeable tips available online from iPod Shuffle to AA-AAA Battery Charger to DC Jack. The only other flaw I saw personally, just me being picky, is the mirror finish on top. Before this review this thing was covered in finger prints, but easy to clean.

You can pick up the IDapt from Amazon or on IDapt's online store for $59.99.